Lagap in few words
Heritage of Excellence




Lagap is a Swiss pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1959, that manufactures and markets branded generic medicines to Europe, Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets. 

Our portfolio was carefully selected to answer to the public health needs, with evidence on safety and efficacy at the best affordable prices for everyone.

Lagap succeeded to maintain a sustainable presence in the international pharmaceutical market by delivering high quality products.

State-of-the art facility

New manufacturing plant located in Bellinzona, south of Switzerland:

•Total of 4,400 m2 surface

•Oral Solid Dose (OSD) manufacturing line

•“EU-GMP“ certified – Swissmedic

•Environment-friendly production (powered by solar energy and geothermic cooling system)

•Fully automated packaging line with primary and secondary packaging including Labeling and Serialization.

•Full-fledged microbiology and chemistry laboratory.

Reliable Quality System

The strong quality management system supports our organization to improve continuously the value delivered to our customers and to fulfill SwissMedic highest standards of Quality.

Our qualified team ensure that all quality and safety measures are guaranteed throughout the entire process to meet the requirements of each territory.